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Restaurants Madrid

On this page you will find a selection of the many restaurants and bistros in Madrid. There are many venues to choose from, from fast food restaurants, bars to chains of the most exclusive restaurants in the world.


Dantxari Restaurant
Ventura Rodriguez 8
Madrid, Spain
Tel.: +34(0)91 5423524
Fax: +34(0)91 5474029


El Viejo León
Alfonso X 6
Madrid, Spain
Tel.: +34(0)91 3102611


Las Reses
Orfila 3
Madrid, Spain
Tel.: +34(0)91 3080382


Corral de la Morería
Calle Morería 17
Madrid, Spain
Tel.: +34(0)91 3651137


Museo del Jamón
Paseo Prado 44
Madrid, Spain
Tel.: +34(0)91 4202414


Calle Colmenares 13
Madrid, Spain
Tel.: +34(0)91 5313765

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